Your brain is the most powerful tool you have. But is it as sharp and fresh as it could be? Clutterers sometimes feel like their brain is as cluttered as their homes. What you believe and think determines how you handle your emotions, and may even determine what emotions you have in the first place. The article reveals two surprisingly easy ways to tune-up your most valuable decluttering tool – your brain.

How big does it look to your mind? – Clutterers and hoarders can feel hopeless about their situation sometimes. It can seem hard to even get started because the problem looks so big.

Brainy idea: This is where baby steps really come in handy. Your mind will turn away from something if it seems too overwhelming. But if you feed your mind just a few spoonfuls, it will accept what you give it much more easily.

Affirmations – Your mind has a script of thoughts running nearly all the time in the background. Your mind tends to believe whatever is filling it up the most. You may have thoughts telling you that your clutter situation is hopeless or that no one will want to help you. These can keep you feeling stuck and isolated. Release techniques followed by positive affirmations can help re-write that script into something positive and uplifting.

Brainy idea: You can literally “change your mind” by changing your thoughts. Add more positive thoughts about what you want to be like – calm, relaxed, focused, uncluttered, encouraged, and flexible.

“Steady progress every day”

“I am staying steady, every day; I am getting healthy, every day”

“Baby steps, every day”

“Clean and clear, coming near”

All the suggestions described above will help you improve your brain functioning so you can gently declutter your life. Research has also shown hypnotherapy to be helpful with clutterers and hoarders. A skilled hypnotherapist uses release techniques, affirmations, relaxation, and deep breathing to help you clear your mind. Life can be easier.

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