Drug rehabilitation or drug rehab is an umbrella term for the series of steps of medical and/or psychotherapeutic treatment for overcoming drug addiction. There are different Types of drug rehab programs offered, including: residential treatment, local support groups, extended care centers, and out-patient.

In this article, I discuss about the characteristics of an Ideal Drug Addiction Residential Treatment Center. Due to principles for effective drug addiction treatment of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), my experience in working with people who have addictive behaviors, and my study about rehab centers around the world, an Ideal drug addiction residential treatment center has three characteristics:

  1. Problem solving
  2. Variety of programs
  3. Effective support

Problem solving

The first step of the way to get rid of the addiction is the problem solving. The fact that no two people are exactly alike, they have different bodies, beliefs, values, feelings, behaviors, and environments.

Accordingly, they will have different treatments.

Each plan of get rid addiction is custom tailored to fit the individual characteristics of each client.

Every person’s addiction is a particular problem that needs unique solution.

Each person who has addictive behaviors is a unique individual and that a successful gets rid from addiction is dependent upon a tailored plan strategy.

To enter with eyes closed and without problem solving to a recovery program means stepping on the way of failure.

Variety of programs

Each rehab center that offers more variety programs it has more capacity than the center that offers just one program.

Characteristics of an appropriate program including:

  • To learn about addiction, detox, recovery, and relapse prevention plan.
  • Be flexible
  • It attends to multiple needs of the individual
  • Be monitored
  • Manageable
  • To learn coping tools and drug relapse prevention skills

Effective support

What is an effective support program?

An effective support program has two characteristics:

1. It has a comprehensive program

To be effective, support program must have comprehensive counseling that include medical, psychological, social, and vocational. It is also important that this program be appropriate to the individual’s need.

2. Adequate recovery length

The recovery from addictive behaviors is a long term process. The appropriate duration of support depends on the type of person’s problem, needs, and shaping new habits. I’ve divided the addiction recovery into three stages; green stage, yellow stage, and red stage.

In the green stage people live in the rehab. Very few people have relapse in this stage.

When people return home after a rehab program, the yellow stage will begin. If there isn’t an effective support program, some people will have relapses.

The red stage is when the people coping with stressful events. If there isn’t an effective support program, most people will have relapses. Without an effective support program, your rehab program becomes expensive joke! Because, not only you waste your time and money, but, your self-steam will be damaged.

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