Are you seeking to gain more wealth and buy your dream house or sports car? It can be possible with the help of the well-known Brad Yates. It can be possible even if it seems impossible through the Law of Attraction – the law of cause and effect. Money, good health, and dream job are the effects and you are the cause.

Since the Law of Attraction was introduced, a lot of people started to practice the law. The rise of the Law of Attraction also meant the rise of many seminars, books, programs, and even movies promising you a deeper understanding of the law yet find yourself unable to follow their methods or experience great results as promised.

Actually, the world is surrounded with so much wealth and abundance just waiting to be manifested but you are unable to tap on such wealth and abundance because of your limiting fears and beliefs. You are usually unconscious of these beliefs and fears. To be able to receive more abundance and wealth, Brad Yates tells you to let go your limiting fears and beliefs.

This is the job of Brad Yates. His goal is to teach you how to let go your limiting fears and beliefs that is creating a wall between you and abundance.

Brad Yates together with his wife and two wonderful kids live in Sacramento. His interest is to see more people gain more wealth and abundance in their lives through his teachings.

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT has been Brad Yates’ best tool used to guide people to greater personal freedom. It is said that EFT works the same principle as the ancient acupuncture less the needles. EFT has helped many people achieve better health, performance, career when conventional therapies and techniques failed.

Brad Yates uses Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in a creative and amusing approach that made him internationally recognized. He coaches groups and individuals in gaining happiness, good health, and greater success in their lives through his experiences in EFT with training in energy psychology and knowledge in the area of personal growth and achievement.

Brad Yates has written several personal growth and achievement books centering in the use of EFT. One of his works was co-authored with Joe Vitale and is now internationally recognized entitled Money Beyond Belief. Money Beyond Belief clears any limiting beliefs and fears you have about money. Wealth is all around you and the reason why you have not experienced greater wealth is maybe because you are resisting it. These limiting beliefs and fears are the reason why you are resisting it like thinking that money is the root of all evil or that rich people are evil. Brad Yates explains that it is the corrupt motives about money that actually makes you evil.

Money Beyond Belief was created to guide you and many other people to greater wealth and success in life.

Brad Yates can only do so much, what matters most is how you positively apply the methods and techniques introduced. Everything will depend on you. Remember, you are the cause of your own effects.

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