We all have seen the scenes from the King of Reggae with his ever present ‘co-star’ in many of his interviews. In one of his famous moments he calmly turns and says ”Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.”

Many years have passed since Bob Marley said these words and high levels of addiction to pot along with the many health dangers that it poses have proven that by no means will herb be ”the healing of a nation.” One thing he did say correctly and thousands of drug and alcohol rehabs are evidence of this is the fact that ” alcohol is the destruction.”It should not be taken for granted that not just alcohol can destroy one, but any drug, habit and tendency that compromises a human being of clear reasoning and stability of self.

The use of pot usually begins in teenage years, with teenagers trying to be a part of a group to identify themselves with some popular trend. As they evolve, many step into the light of maturity and shed certain behavioral patterns, but in many instances take the use of pot into their adult life. The result of this have been higher statistics in drug rehabs of addicts trying to overcome their addiction to marijuana and the chain effect of this has been more broken homes, dysfunctional human beings and utter sadness.

There are those that smoke pot for love. This is commonly seen in many relationships where one partner indirectly or directly influences the other with his tendency to smoke marijuana. The bitter reality of this is that whatever the reason, the body rebels against being poisoned with a green intruder. The love of self and self acceptance are key attributes that any human being needs to have in order to resist the most tempting of situations, even if it involves love and one’s heart.

Many would have turned a blind eye to the dangers that marijuana poses to a person’s health had it not been for the destruction it causes to one’s sex life. Research have proven that the constant use of Marijuana has resulted in low libido both in men and women.A topic that for years was held at arms length has become personal to many people now.

The myth that accompanied marijuana for years has been unveiled and proven to be nothing more than a misguided reality of what drugs can in fact do to the body.With very few affordable drug rehabs, drug addiction continues to be on the rise with millions of people trying to find solace in marijuana, crack, cocaine,etc.

Another one of Bob Marley’s dubious quotes is that of: “When You smoke herb it reveals you to yourself. All the wickedness you do is revealed by the herb — it’s you conscience and gives you an honest picture of yourself.” While the smoke rises above hundreds of heads as they dance to the famous reggae songs, may it be pointed it that revelation of self starts with inner introspection without any help from chemical contributors, whether it be natural or unnatural substances.

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