Bichon Frise is a well-known high maintenance breed that needs a lot of care and grooming. They are the most playful, cheerful, and lovable dogs. They are comparatively a smaller dog breed and consist of a fluffy white outer coat, soft inner layer, black eyes, and a black nose. If you are searching for a family pet, then bichon frise is the perfect pick as it adjusts well to apartment living due to their smaller size, and they do not bark. They don’t like living alone as they love to play and need a company almost every time. According to ESA doctors’ review, Bichon Frise doesn’t shed like other breeds, therefore they are completely safe and recommended for people who suffer from allergies. 

Pet owners usually rely on professional groomers because it takes a lot of practice and time to get the grooming techniques correct. However, it is not impossible to groom your pet yourself as everyone learns through trials and errors. Grooming it yourself would be rewarding, but it will save money in your pocket, and you will know your dog better. Mentioned below are some tips and tricks you might learn to take care of and groom your bichon frise.  

Eliminate knots with daily brushing 

Before you decide to adopt a bichon frise, you need to commit that you will regularly brush and groom your dog. The bichon frise consists of two coats of hair, the outer soft hair coat, and the inner coarser kind of hair coat. For brushing your dog, you require a pin brush or a slicker brush. While it does not shed hair on your floor but it does have a layer of dead hair that needs to be removed to halt matting. Brush the hair upwards and away from the skin and train your dog to lie on one side during brushing. Grooming and daily brushing your bichon frise will keep him knot-free, clean and tidy. 

Weekly Teeth Checkup for buildup 

Professional groomers recommend teeth cleaning as regular as brushing hair, but that depends on your dog’s hygiene and lifestyle. However, doing a weekly checkup of teeth is essential to inspect any buildup of tartar that needs to be extracted or removed. Proper dental care is vital for bichon frise as the teeth start to fall out too early due to genetic factors. Weekly brushing the teeth is essential, but every dog needs to visit the veterinarian clinic at least once a year for professional scaling and polishing of teeth. In this way, you can help your dog to stay clean and have a healthy mouth. 

Feed your Bichon Frise Right 

The average weight of an adult bichon frise ranges between 7 to 12 pounds that means they generally do not need large meals. To maintain your dog’s overall health, you need to provide proper nutrition through healthy treats and vitamins, etc. You can feed them barley, salmon, probiotics, oatmeal, and other foods that contain omega fatty acids and antioxidants. Their digestive system is comparatively sensitive, so you need to look carefully at the ingredients before buying dog food. They are easily prone to dental problems and allergies if not given a proper diet. Therefore, they must be fed premium food that fulfills their dietary needs.  

Bathing tips for Bichon 

Bathing your dog more often maintains its hygiene because any stain or dirt on your Bichon would stand out glaringly from his white hair coat. Make sure to brush his skin, so it’s free of any knots before bathing him because when it gets wet, it is hard to comb out. Later, place him into a tub and lather whitening shampoo to his body to make his coat look whitest and clean. You can also apply a conditioner to make his hair even softer than before. After washing your dog thoroughly, spritz a detangling spray on its fur and comb through to catch any tangles.  

General Health Care 

Grooming starts with prep work, which includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, dental hygiene, and trimming the pads and anal glands. This prep work is required before every bathing session. During ear cleaning, pluck the hair out of the ear canal as it promotes air circulation. Similarly, long nails make the dogs uncomfortable; thus, proper nail care is essential. Trimming the pads causes a reduction in the amount of dirt that your dog carries into your house. Mastering these grooming skills is necessary because a little carelessness could cause trauma to your dog.