The United States has many wonderful cities each with different climates, native plants, and even allergies. There are certain places in the country to live that can affect your allergies if you suffer from cedar, mold, or other types of allergens. You should choose to live where you will be the healthiest. This is true for people who also suffer from eczema. You want to live in an ideal climate that will keep your skin from becoming too dry.

Living in the right city won’t cure your eczema but it will keep the amount of flare ups you are experiencing to a minimum. Living in the most ideal climate and treating your flare ups with eczema oil should keep your skin healthy, moisturized, and looking great. You should live where the temperature and humidity is right for you and where there isn’t a lot of pollen, smoke, or dust. Here are some cities that have favorable climates and low allergens for people with eczema as reported by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).

Seattle, Washington is such a beautiful city with a great climate. What is perhaps the most appealing are the low pollen rates. Also, they have a public non-smoking law. People with eczema may notice that smoke can irritate their skin, but it’s a personal choice for someone to smoke or not. For those that don’t smoke, the law in Seattle is great because you have an issue with second hand smoke. The climate is favorable due to the location near the water, and is considered a mild oceanic climate.

If you prefer the east coast, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America would recommend Cape Coral, Florida. This city had a very high air quality score and reported low for allergen rates. If you love the water you will love the canals and waterways because it has more than any other city. Being on the coast makes the city have a favorable climate.

Studies have shown that asthma is also linked to eczema which is why the cities chosen were based on the study completed by the AAFA. These cities are ideal, but not necessarily where you have to live. There are other ways to control your eczema as well so that your skin won’t cause irritation for you too frequently. Because climate is a factor for causing it, you could always purchase a humidifier for your home. This will help to control the temperature in your home. Humidifiers are inexpensive and won’t take up too much space.

In addition to controlling external factors as best you can, keep up with a regular skin care treatment so that you’ll stay moisturized. Always use natural skin care products such as eczema oil, lotions, or creams. Products and controlled temperature will make a difference with the amount of flare ups you are experiencing.

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