Colon hydrotherapy, as a system of healing and wellness, gained popularity way back in the 1930s. Due to lack of research, not many people were convinced of its impact on general health and wellness. However, in the last couple of years, more and more people have undergone detoxification through it and enumerated its various advantages. Therefore, there is an increasing interest in hydrotherapy and its benefits.

However, people have many misconceptions regarding this therapy. Often, people feel that if they do not suffer from any of the symptoms of constipation, they do not stand to gain anything from colon hydrotherapy. Doctors tell patients that bowel habits are varied. So, there is a belief that having a bowel movement once a day or once in two days or even once in a week is normal. Then, there are concerns that colon hydrotherapy may be painful or uncomfortable.

Hydrotherapy or colonic cleansing is a process in which water is pumped into the colon to flush the toxins, waste buildup and mucus. Following hydrotherapy or irrigation, the colon is completely cleansed of all toxic buildup and waste matter.

Who can benefit from colonic hydrotherapy?

It must be remembered that colon hydrotherapy is not just for the severely constipated. In fact, many practitioners agree that patients approach them not due to the lack of bowel movements but due to problems like lack of energy, fatigue, gas, heartburn and irritable bowel. Food sensitivities and food allergies are also common among patients who seek out the treatment. Some patients may suffer from skin breakouts, psoriasis, eczema while others may be grappling with constant weight problems. In some cases, people with a history of colon problems opt for colon hydrotherapy. Athletes turn to colonics to improve metabolism. Often, the treatment is pain motivated as people suffering from headaches, abdominal pain, aching joints and migraine turn to detoxification for relief. Colon hydrotherapy sessions may be recommended for medical reasons like pre-surgery and post-surgery, stool samples and barium x-rays.


Colon cleanse: Buildup of toxic wastes interfere with assimilation and elimination. When toxic waste deposits are removed from the colon, it begins to behave ‘normally’. In this sense, colonics is a rejuvenation treatment.

Boost health of colon muscles: Toxic buildup makes the colon sluggish. However, when the colon is cleansed, there is significant improvement in peristalsis (muscle contraction of the colon). Undergoing colon hydrotherapy is somewhat like subjecting the colon to a great workout session.

Reshape: When the colon contains unwanted waste deposits, it becomes distended and disfigured. This in turn leads to larger waste buildup. Colon hydrotherapy gets rid of any bulging pockets of waste and enables the colon to regain its natural shape.

Overall health: The colon is at the very bottom of our health and well being. When the colon is cleansed of toxins, digestion improves and metabolism elevates. Immunity is rejuvenated. As a result, there is an increased sense of well being and health.

Hydration: Following hydrotherapy, water is absorbed through the colon. Blood circulation increases. Toxins are flushed out and this puts an end to uremia and toxemia. It also increases elimination of waste through the kidney and the skin. Thus, cardiovascular health improves and the circulatory system becomes more efficient.

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