Acai berry in a household name in many health conscious families. We are well aware of its natural weight loss capabilities but very few of us have heard about it mood enhancing capabilities. In fact we are so obsessed with our looks and figure that we often do not pay attentions to some of its qualities that enhance our mood.

There are times when despite eating the right kind of food we do not feel good. It usually happens when you are a bit stressed or overworked. While physical nutrition requirements can be fulfilled with various supplements, there are very few health supplements that double up as an anti depression food. Acai berries are known to work wonders for your mood as well.

o Anti depression diet: Acai berry works as an anti depressant to some extent. Anti oxidants are known to replenish the damage caused by stress and depression. In fact the more free radical loss is replenished the better. Rich anti oxidant content of Acai berry does this job remarkably well.

o Sleep Pattern Improvement: Sleep deprivation is one the biggest causes of feeling down all the time. Acai berries are known to work miracles for producing serotonins that prepares you for sleep. Improved sleep patterns can be noticed within a day or two of starting this diet. If you get 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep every day; you will feel more energized and motivated.

o Improved Libido: As you continue taking Acai berry diet, your blood circulation improves a lot. A good blood circulation enhances your libido and sex drive. With improved sex drive, you tend to be more romantic. It results in overall positive feelings about life in general.

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