Since so many of us use computers in our daily lives, often with resulting discomfort throughout the body, I want to encourage you with some posture tips to make you more comfortable at your work station.*

Start at your feet and assess the posture of your feet and. Are they curled under you? do you have more weight on one leg than the other? assess how your feet and legs feel, and find a comfortable neutral posture.

Now focus your attention on your pelvis. Think about and feel the relationship of the “sit bones” with the surface you are sitting on. Shift your weight slightly from side to side and in and out of a tilt to find the most comfortable posture. Use this comfortable neutral posture as a baseline, and change positions frequently by making minor shifts. **

**Think in terms of millimeters of motion

Move your attention up to observe the posture of your trunk and spine. Imagine that you have a string from the top of your head to the ceiling, holding you in a comfortable upright posture.

Rest your arms by your sides and bend your elbows to approximately 90 degrees, allowing your shoulders to drop and relax. An upright spine will help you avoid slouching.

Think about the relationship between your head and neck. Balance the position of your nose with the base of your skull.

The final posture point is to soften your eyes, mouth and tongue. Create around 2 mm. of space between your teeth, with your tongue resting gently on the roof of your mouth and the tip of the tongue pointing downward.

Sitting on a posture ball or disk cushion allow you to sit in a more dynamic fashion. This will provide input for improved upright posture and increased tolerance to sitting for longer periods of time.

* these tips apply to any time that you are sitting

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