Custom labels are the perfect tool to create a professional or even luxurious look for your products. When used right, they can help you reach new customers and boost your sales.

But how can you ensure you get the perfect custom labels? Especially when you order your stickers online? And what does that process even entail?

We have the answers you are looking for. Read on to find out how to order product labels like a pro.

1. Provide exact measurements 

When you order custom labels, you get to choose the size of your sticker sheets as well as your labels.

To find the right size, make sure to measure the exact surface you want your labels to cover, and then enter the width and length when ordering. Most label makers have live pricing calculators that generate a custom price based on the dimensions you entered.

Do not skip this step, as the wrong size can really impact the overall look of your product packaging.

2. Submit a high-resolution file

Custom labels are the perfect personalised branding solution. By submitting your own artwork, you remain in control over your overall branding.

To create a high-quality label, you need to upload a file of high-resolution. Ideally, this would be a vector file, as they print crisply at every size.

If you are working with an image, ensure it has a DPI of at least 300. DPI refers to the dots per inch, the pixels your image is made out of.

3. Understand the materials on offer 

Many sticker printers offer a wide range of sticker materials. This allows you to create labels for several marketing campaigns or to promote different product ranges.

You can choose from standard white vinyl materials to effects like holographic, glitter, or fluorescent stickers – perfect for limited edition campaigns – or paper labels for eco-conscious brands.

Be sure to read up on your favourite material to understand whether it will be fit for your application.

4. Choose a shape for your labels

The final thing you need to consider when ordering your custom product labels is their shape.

You can go for traditional shapes like rectangular, square, and round, but you can also opt for a custom shape. These custom-shaped labels are referred to as die cut labels and are usually cut around the shape of your design.

But you can get as creative as you want to and really get the most out of your design.

And now you are ready to place your order and get the perfect custom labels. We are excited to what you will create next, let us know in the comments below.