Seat cushions provide your back the much-desired support while sitting. While most of us are not really aware of it, the support received from seat cushions takes away a lot of load from our tailbones. As a result we tend to get less back strain and that imparts a significant positive boost on our spinal and overall health in the longer run.

Among the seat cushions used today, memory foam cushions are the most popular ones. These cushions are popular simply because they are both comfortable and practical. Additionally, they are cheap to get and last long. The biggest benefits of having a memory foam seat cushion follow.

  • Support: Memory foam seat cushions give your tailbone and the back the desired support. As a result, you can sit for longer hours. In fact, if your job involves sitting for long hours at a stretch then one such cushion would be one of your best friends. People who find it physically difficult to sit for more than an hour tend to be easily able to sit a number of hours at a stretch using a memory foam cushion.
  • Comfort: Memory foam cushions are the most comfortable seat cushions around, which is easy to guess. The best part is that the comfort level helps the tailbone to remain in a better health longer. Continuous sitting for hours daily exposes our spine and tailbone to possible health hazards, and the comfort provided by these cushions appease much of the risk.
  • Mobility: These cushions are tiny and you can carry them to a number of places such as your car and your office.
  • Longevity: Being made of memory foam, these cushions last long and enjoy a healthy life.

With an affordable price tag and a set of benefits that are good in terms of both health and comfort, these types of cushions have become very popular among those who suffer from various forms of back pain.

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