Have You ever done some EFT and felt even worse?

I’ve been there. I’ve been tapping, getting some results then bam…I feel terrible. Thanks a lot EFT! Weren’t you suppose to make me feel better about my situation and circumstance?

Why does this happen? The obvious answer is, with EFT you tend to focus on the bad and negative stuff. Therefore you get what you focus on.

I only buy into this as a sentence, not so much as an concrete idea. EFT can also be used to you feel more: joy, optimism, excitement and happiness. Yet, you probably feel so good, why enhance it? You just want to enjoy feeling good.

EFT just bring to your attention what you are feeling and holding within you. Once you start doing EFT, you and your unconscious mind think – Great! When doing this EFT, I must be in a safe and secure place.

Here you go, deal with this. So it brings up your bigger ‘stuff’. The bigger stuff you have been repressing and hiding and not wanting to face. Although it may not feel like it at the time, this is brilliant! Your unconscious mind and you believe you’re ready to handle and resolve this and other issues and their emotions. If you don’t think so, tap with the following powerful statement:

Even though I’m not ready or I can’t handle this…

Reasons Why You Feel Worse When Doing EFT

Your Problem Has Shifted or Moved – What you started tapping on has changed in focus, location, its ‘make-up’, if you will. Are you using the same language to describe the problem? If you noticed a sensation in your body, is it in the same location or at the same level of intensity, how about color?

External Events – Since tapping, you have changed. Therefore things outside of you have also changed. These new events and surroundings are bringing up new and different emotions for you to tap on.

Tapping Emotional Funnel – What you tapped on was only a “surface” event. Now that you have cleared that. Deeper emotional triggers or events that were being masked by this ‘superficial’ event now come to the surface. This or these are the “real” reasons why you are feeling and acting the way that you do.

All of this is wonderful news and evidence that EFT and tapping is working for you. The downside is you might not think it at the the time.

Keeping a journal or diary and noting down what you tapped on and why is an excellent way to review your progress and change.

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