Tinnitus home remedies are a blessing for people who have Tinnitus or ringing in the ears. Many people have tried expensive procedures suggested by so-called “tinnitus experts” and ended up with less money, but the same amount of tinnitus. If you suffer from Tinnitus and are in search of some remedies that you can use at home then read on as this article will outline a number of proven natural remedies to relieve tinnitus.

1. One of the best home remedies for tinnitus is to improve the circulation to your ear. You can do this very easily by applying a hot compress on the neck or massaging the ear. It is best to do this at night before going to bed, as it will help lessen the ringing and the discomfort.

2. Make a saline solution by mixing salt with water. Filling your ears with saline solution and draining it out after 10 minutes is another home remedy for tinnitus.

3. Grind a few leaves of Holy basil and extract some juice. Put 2-3 drops inside the ear for 3-4 days. It is one of the simplest tinnitus home remedies.

4. Extract of the Ginkgo Biloba and Maidenhair tree are beneficial in the Tinnitus treatment by diluting blood vessels thus increasing blood flow to the ear. For positive results, put 20-40 mg of the given extracts in the ears for 4-6 weeks.

5. Mix 1 teaspoon of ghee in 1 cup of milk and properly blend the mixture. Drink 1 cup of this mixture before going to bed. This simple home remedy provides good amount of relief and helps in the treatment of all kinds of ringing sounds in the ears.

6. Extract onion juice and put 2-3 drops of this juice in your ears, three times a week. This is a great way to eliminate the symptoms of tinnitus.

7. The healing properties of Myrrh gum, Goldenseal, burdock root, Bayberry bark, and hawthorn flower and leaf are also effective in the Tinnitus treatment.

8. Roast a clove of garlic in a teaspoon of mustard oil. Let it cool a bit. Then take the clove and squeeze it into the ears, in order that the squeezed out oil drops directly into the ears. This is the most effective remedy to stop the imaginary sounds in the ears caused by cold weather or high altitudes.

9. Ayurvedic oils like Hingawadi oil and Aparamarga Kshaara oil are effective home remedies for curing tinnitus.

10. Other alternate remedies include magnets, acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygen, sacral therapy and hypnosis.

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