A lot of noise is being made about natural tinnitus remedies, and their ability to actually cure tinnitus once and for all. However, how do you know that these remedies really work? In this article I am going to talk about a few natural remedies for tinnitus, and whether or not they have any merit at all.

One natural tinnitus remedy that I recently heard of is to eat more pickles. Now, I enjoy pickles, and they are not bad for you, but I really do not see where they can stop the ringing in your ears. Drinking pickle juice has been proven to reduce cramps, and many athletes will drink pickle juice when their muscles become dehydrated. However, based on my research and experimentation I do not think that it is an adequate cure for tinnitus.

Another cure I recently heard about is aroma therapy. This seems to actually have some merit, because aroma therapy has been proven to place people into a relaxed and tranquil state. However, tinnitus sufferers will only benefit from aroma therapy if their tinnitus is causes by stress or anxiety, which most of the time is not the underlying issue. This method could work, but it is not one that you want to put a whole lot of faith into.

Another one of the natural tinnitus remedies that is getting a lot of attention is increasing the vitamin B-12 in your diet. I am not a doctor, and do not give medical advice, however checking with your doctor and starting a vitamin regiment may be a great way to help curb your tinnitus.

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