The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair is a combination of an exercise ball and a chair-like gliding base with casters and a backrest. It claims to be an ergonomically correct chair that will tighten your core muscles and tone your legs as well being the most comfortable ergonomic chair you’ll ever own. In addition, it is said to improve posture, eliminate back pain, and provide ergonomic back support. Does it live up to those impressive claims? I was pretty eager to find out since lately I have been spending about 12 hours per day in my office chair and have been suffering from back and leg pain as well as just generally feeling out of shape. If a balance ball chair could help, then I was ready to try it out.

There are a lot of balance ball chairs available but the advantage of the Gaiam is the base and back, making for a much more stable and comfortable chair. Previously, I had tried sitting on just a regular balance ball but found these not to work for long periods but with the Gaiam ball chair I was able to sit at my desk all day comfortably. In addition, the added height given by the casters and base is an advantage, especially for taller people. Sitting on the balance ball, you are forced to sit straighter, engaging your core muscles and I found this to be less tiring for my back and overall I did feel more energized and less fatigued after sitting on the chair all day. The chair is surprisingly comfortable once you get used to it.

Are there any drawbacks. Well, yes, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, while the casters do lock, this chair is not as stable as a typical office chair and you should be aware of this when rising up from the chair. It helps to plant your feet firmly on the ground and use your core muscle to get up. Second, the height is not adjustable so you may need to adjust your monitor and/or keyboard to get the correct ergonomic position.Third, there are no armrests, and this could take getting used to if you normally like to rest your arms on them.

Overall, this is good ergonomic office chair that will help tighten abdominal muscles and strengthen lower back muscles. It is comfortable and the price is good for an ergonomic chair.

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