If you want to build an almost super-human level of fitness in little time read on and
learn about the bodyweight exercise that whips the elite navy seals in shape in record

Years ago when I switched from lifting weights to bodyweight only exercises I bought a book on Navy Seal training and it was a thick book I figured these are the baddest of the bad why not listen.

I read a section in there how the Seal team had to do 100 non-stop 8 – count bodybuilders every Friday as part of their workout. This Navy Seal left them out of the workouts section of the book, because they are tough and he hated them.

I figured if he hated them, they must be tough. But how tough. I tried them and the first time I tried them I did 60 in a row I was breathing heavy and the lactic acid build up was
unbelievable, they were hard. A simple exercise whipped me.

The way I am is I don’t like to lose, so I was determined to get better every time I did them, so just like the Seals every Friday I did 100- 8 count body builders and they were still tough so once in a while I’ll do the bodybuilders and go for time and I was doing 100 8- count bodybuilders around 7 or 8 minutes and if you think that’s east give it a try.

Lately I have taken it up a notch I wanted to do more then 100 so I did 300 in 27 minutes and a week later I did 500 8 – count bodybuilders in 47 minutes it was one of the most physical and mental workouts I have done.

This one bodyweight exercise will work most of the body in record time. It’s a
combination squat, pushup and squat thrust it’s like doing 3 different exercises
at one time if you do 100 8- count bodybuilders you will doing 100 squats, 100
pushups and 100 squat thrusts all in one workout.

Bodybuilders are such a great exercise you could probably just do them and some
pullups and build an extremely lean body.

I like to push myself… hard and I’m better for it, my health and fitness level has never been this amazing. The harder you push the better you’ll feel. The better you feel the more productive you’ll be.

If 8 – count bodybuilders are good enough for the elite Navy seals then there good enough for you.

Give the 8 count-body builder a try, shoot for 100 non-stop. Keep your best time.

Start in a standing position- squat down put your hands on the floor- kick your legs back- do a push up- kick your legs wide- bring the legs back together bring your knees back under your chest and stand up.

These are to be done as explosive as possible. Don’t quit and don’t give up.

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