There are at least partial results to be had every time you do an EFT session. This is true whether you are doing EFT for yourself or with a practitioner. And tappers usually feel better in-between sessions than when they first ever started working on the particular issue with EFT. However, on the odd occasions, symptoms get worse after a session. Why is this and what can we do about it?

3n a small minority of cases, when we start to work on an issue it does get worse before it gets better. In all healing modalities this is such a known phenomenon that it has its own name – a healing crisis. Experiencing a healing crisis does not mean that the tapping did not work. And unless you got absolutely not even one partial result in a full session, then it does not mean that EFT does not work for you. Rather, I find that this is because part of us wants to draw attention to its need for healing. And the only way it can is by bringing your symptoms up for your attention.

Let us consider weight loss as an example. I have worked with many a weight loss client for whom a specific food craving was totally released but who went on to merely maintain their weight. Some have even put weight on temporarily. What this means is that we addressed the present-day cravings for some foods but have not dealt with the core issues behind the weight. In contrast, when both present-day cravings and various core issues are addressed, the weight comes off. This is what happened for Marianne, who released her cravings for chocolate as well as releasing relevant core issues. Marianne had previously tried but not gotten very far. And you too can get success, even if there is a temporary setback first.

Sometimes the core issues are elusive. It may well be that the door with which you can access core issues is the symptoms themselves. In every session, the symptoms may provide a new core issue to work on. And sometimes part of us wants to go forward and another part feels unsafe doing so. One simple way of resolving this is to tap continuously on all your favorite points while the two parts of you talk to each other. This is an EFT version of parts therapy or parts healing. You can give each part two minutes to talk, and then switch to the other part for two minutes, then switch again, and continue in this way for about 20 minutes or so. Then you can work separately on anything that has come up in the process. We can also thank our mind body for bringing symptoms to our attention so we can complete our healing.

When you work with what your mind body gives you as signs and clues, you may be pleasantly surprised how good you will feel in the end. In the meantime, persistence in tapping can work wonders to keep you on an even keel.

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