What Is Piercing Bump vs Keloid ?

Though keloid scars and piercing bumps may in the beginning seem the exact, there are numerous techniques to distinguish them.

We will explain the variances in between piercing bumps (or keloids) and how to distinguish them. We will also talk about the attainable solutions for each and every, and other skin disorders that could take place following a piercing.

What is piercing bumps

Following a piercing, piercing bumps can type. These bumps can generally be viewed immediately after cartilage piercings like nose or higher ear drillings.

When the body’s immune reaction to the wound initiates the therapeutic approach, piercing bumps are made. This swelling is what will cause the bump.

In the to start with several months following the process, some men and women may possibly working experience bleeding, inflammation, or bruising. These are all normal symptoms. These indications may well not be a induce of concern.

  • Itching
  • Some whitish fluid is witnessed from the wound internet site
  • Plaquering jewelry is crusted

What is keloids?

Keloid refers to a elevated scar triggered by trauma or injuries to skin. This variety of scar can from time to time seem after a piercing.

An overgrowth of fibrous tissue can direct to a keloid. A keloid is shaped when fibrous tissue overgrows owing to damage.

Right after the original personal injury, it can take 3-12 month for keloids to build. The keloid appears as elevated scars, which can be crimson, pink, purple, or even brown. They commonly turn out to be darker with time. The site of the keloid and the skin tone can have an effect on the look.

Earlobe keloid scars are likely round or oval. They can mature promptly or slow and can inevitably turn out to be very big.

Diverse keloids have different textures. They might feel really hard and rubbery, or soft and doughy. A human being may perhaps also knowledge the following indications right after a keloid scar is eliminated:

What Is Piercing Bump vs Keloid ?
What Is Piercing Bump vs Keloid ?

How do you tell the change

Original appearances of keloids or piercing bumps may possibly be equivalent. Over time, however, you will see differences.

Down below is a desk that demonstrates the main discrepancies involving these skin kinds:

Procedure for piercing bumps

Usually, piercing bumps do not involve therapy. They are section of the body’s organic reaction to damage. People can get methods to clean the spot, avert an infection and allow the piercings to mend. These are:

  • Perforating jewelry should be saved in spot for at least 6 months.
  • In advance of touching the piercing, wash your arms
  • When a day, clean the piercings with a delicate soap and water or a saline remedy.
  • After showering or bathing, dry the location with a cotton pad. Prevent applying towels as they can harbor micro organism.

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), suggests that you use rubbing alcohol to the piercing. Nevertheless, the common steering endorses not to do this as it can sluggish down healing.

Keloids treatment method

There are a lot of treatment method possibilities for keloids. The form and measurement, as effectively as the sort of keloid, will all perform a job in deciding upon the proper cure. There are lots of treatment choices:

  • The use of corticosteroids can reduce the dimensions of the keloid. According to the AAD, individuals have to have four injections for every 7 days. A person each individual a few to 4 weeks is regular. Corticosteroid injections can shrink keloids by 50 to 80%, in accordance to them.
  • Medical procedures A specialist will clear away the keloid. Even immediately after surgical treatment, keloids may possibly return.
  • Laser Remedy: Laser Treatment can flattenTrustedSource the keloid scarring and make it vanish.
  • Cryotherapy This is a cure that can be employed on compact keloids. Cryotherapy is when a health practitioner freezes the modest keloids to soften them and cut down their size. Cryotherapy can bring about skin pigmentation alterations and is not proposed for those people with darker pores and skin tones.

Men and women who are aware of their vulnerability to keloids should avoid piercings.


Infections in new perforations are pretty frequent and can happen if the needle is not sterilized or the person is unable continue to keep the piercing cleanse. Infected piercings can be characterized by:

  • soreness
  • Inflammation and puffiness
  • Yellow pus will come out of the piercing
  • nausea and vomiting

Get hold of dermatitis

Contact dermatitis refers to a kind of skin rash induced by irritation or get hold of with one thing. It could be brought on by allergic reactions, friction, or an exposure to anything corrosive, harmful, or both.

  • Fluid-crammed blisters
  • Hives
  • A burning or stinging sensation
  • Itching
  • Dryness
  • discoloration
  • irritation
  • tenderness

Most jewelry allergic reactions are induced by nickel. Although nickel is much less pricey jewelry, it can be uncovered in more compact quantities in silver and gold jewellery. This could induce an allergic response.

The best method to take care of jewelry allergy symptoms is to exchange the steel with a person that is hypoallergenic, these as stainless metal, titanium, or 18- and 24-karat gold.

How to converse with a medical doctor

A health care provider or dermatologist must be consulted if a person suspects they may possibly have keloid. The keloid could go on to increase if the affected person does not obtain cure.

If you are suffering from signs or symptoms of an infection, it is a superior notion to seek the advice of a medical doctor.


There are two styles of skin problems that can build after a piercing: keloids and piercing bumps. While keloids can develop bit by bit and grow to be larger, piercing bumps are more common and appear more quickly.

Keloids can be handled by a skin doctor or health care provider. A healthcare provider ought to be consulted if everyone suspects they may have a keloid, or a further ailment that could bring about a lump.

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What Is Piercing Bump vs Keloid ?

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