I want to reveal new Treatments of Eczema to you and today I will reveal this to you in a story. I want you to understand the powerful healing ability of Alfalfa Sprouts.

In the late 1970 a middle aged gentleman who was suffering from gangrene in his lower right leg visited a well known health clinic in search of a cure.

The main cause for this condition was diabetes and the very poor circulation.

The very experienced and well known nutritionist was not perplexed in the slightest by this man’s plight.

She prepared for her patient on a daily basis four glasses of alfalfa and wheat grass sprout juice. The nutritionists also used the sprout mixture externally to bath his leg again on a daily basis.

In fourteen days, that’s two weeks, the man was totally cured from his gangrene.

And here’s why alfalfa is so powerful at healing. It will cure your eczema too if you incorporate it in your daily diet.

#1 – Alfalfa is one of the most nutritionally rich foods you’ll ever consume.

#2 – Alfalfa contains every amino acid. It’s also jammed packed with vitamins, minerals and protein.

#3 – Alfalfa has been used for thousands of years as a healing food. Many people have experienced remission from a wide number of ailments.

#4 – Alfalfa provides the body with an excellent calcium-phosphorus ratio (2:1).

#5 – Alfalfa juice helps to flush toxins out of the body and is a very good source of trace elements such as zinc, selenium, chromium, cobalt, silicon and iodine.

#6 – Alfalfa is excellent for healing the skin and liver. It has been proved very effective as an anti-cancer agent.

Two weeks before I finally cured my eczema I started including alfalfa sprouts in my daily menu. I still use it today with a wide variety of other sprouts.

You will not believe the different to your skin, your eczema and your general state of health by incorporating this magic seed into your diet.

Try it for two weeks and see.

Here’s to smooth, beautiful skin.

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