Mostly kids are unable to explain any problem or communicate any discomfort they are experiencing. This makes the situation difficult to comprehend for the parents. In this modern fast paced society our kids are at an increased risk of many chronic illnesses including diabetes. As kids are too small to be able to recognize the signs of diabetes in them so it is the responsibility of the parents to keep a constant eye on their health and general fitness.

Though it is believed that children show different signs of diabetes but the warning diabetic symptoms in toddlers are more or less the same. If the toddler is suffering from type 1 diabetes, his pancreas becomes unable to produce insulin. If the child is suffering from type 2 diabetes, toddlers start to generate the needed amount of insulin but the body cells become unable to respond positively towards this insulin.

The increasing rate of obesity in kids is another sign of diabetes. If as parents you know well the warning of signs of diabetes in kids then you are in a better position of detecting the disease at its earliest.

Excessive Urination: It is the trademark of diabetes. It is the sign that is easily recognized by the adults. In type 1 diabetes the blood sugar level increase because of deficiency of insulin production. The sugar is then strained through urine. This sugar is diluted with water and then extracted via kidneys. This excessive water causes the kids to urinate even more often. The sign of diabetes can be noticed if child pees a lot during the day and gets up for the same during the night.

Extreme Thirst: Frequent urination leads to extreme thirst. The body of the diabetic toddler required excessive water. As they are getting dehydrated so they drink extra water to replenish the stock.

Extreme Hunger: Unexpectedly the kid stat to crave foods at abrupt intervals. Lack of insulin results in improper supply of energy to various body organs. The body then has to use fat as a main fuel for the body.

Unexplained Weight Loss: The most alarming sign of diabetes is that a healthy child suddenly starts to lose weight. Another sign of diabetes is a sudden loss in weight. It is important that parents consider this sign every serious and talk to their pediatrician.

Diaper Rash: These are very uncomfortable for the toddlers. If these rashes are not healing even after applying the ointments then it is better to ask for medical advice.

Tiredness: The children who suffer from diabetes also suffer from weakness. The body is unable to produce energy through the consumed food so the child feels tired and fatigued.

Apart from above mentioned signs of diabetes, the child starts to feel dizzy, depressed and nauseous.

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