Tony Horton, born Anthony Sawyer Horton, is a well known exercise instructor. His most famous endeavor of his career is the exercise system called P90X. He was born in Rhode Island but raised in Connecticut. When it was time to go to university, he got his degree at the University of Rhode Island. However, he felt attracted to the west coast and moved to Los Angeles.

Tony desired to have an acting career and even dabbled in stand up comedy routines for some time. He was an avid exerciser that wanted to avoid the bulky look of most body builders and their lack of flexibility. Instead, he focused on training himself in areas of speed and endurance and growing muscle while still maintaining a ride range of movement. He was later introduced to interval training by Mark Sisson.

Horton established his personal training business, called ASH Fitness in the 1980’s. He began to develop plans for many well known artists and different fitness magazines. He was a spokesperson for Nordic Track machines before he began with his famous series.

Before P90X was born, Horton started by creating a program called Power 90 for the Beachbody fitness company in 1998. This contained intense cardio with strength building exercises. A few other series were developed prior to the more intense P90X, the goal being to follow rigorous exercise and meal plans to reach the often long sought after fitness goals.

His program is best known for creating muscle confusion to build strength quickly. It uses a variety of different moves and high energy exercise. It involves controlled but unfamiliar movements to accomplish this task.

Soon after the original series, P90X+ was made to supplement it in 2007. He then created the Ten-Minute Trainer for people who are on the go. While the workouts were brief, they were effective. In 2008 he also made a one-on-one monthly exercise series.

Tony is releasing a book in December of this year, proving that he has a lot more to offer. In 2011 the new addition to the P90 series which is titled P90X:MC2.

Tony Horton is known for helping people build strength and endurance and the videos that got him there. He was also in films early in his career though: Last Action Hero and then The 13th Warrior. He also made exercise videos for kids.

While it is hard to believe that someone could keep so busy, you can also follow his official Facebook and twitter pages as well as his self-made blog. He continues to try to motivate people and inform internet users about the options that are available to them. He updates people on his travels and his up and coming endeavors, but also gives advice on things as simple as drinking alcohol and caffeine, all while making it apparent that he loves his job. While P90X may have been the thing that made him famous, Tony Horton has a lot more to offer and does not appear to be going away any time soon.

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