The body has different natural methods of detoxifying itself. With the help of these vital organs: liver, kidneys, lungs, lymphatic system, intestines, and skin-waste materials are being got rid of regularly. However, modern lifestyle also created many sources of toxic substances like commercial chemicals and food preservatives. The body is oftentimes working nonstop every day and through the night. No wonder, your body always feel weak and lack enough energy to perform natural capability to eliminate waste materials.

Because many people have toxin overload these days, deadly diseases like cardiovascular disorders and cancers are getting common. Years before, detoxification can be done by a simple method of fasting. This often means no food to eat for several days. The cleansing of the body systems is performed through ingesting nothing but water. This is a stringent procedure because the body is forced to starve so that it will purge out toxic chemicals.

The nutrients, as well as the toxins, found in the foods you eat will be digested by your body. The detoxification procedure is composed for several stages to fit the different requirements of the beginners and advanced users of detox diet programs.

For the beginners, the first stage consists of fasting for one to two days every month. Only liquids are allowed to be taken by the user. Glasses after glasses of vegetable or fruit juices and purified water will flow freely into the body and perform cleansing actions. To make fasting more effective, mix bentonite clay and psyllium seeds to your fasting beverages. These ingredients have laxative qualities that will act like magnets to both chemical toxins and metallic wastes. Mercury, lead, and other metal impurities that have somehow entered the body will block the passage of nutrients into the tiny cells. Thus, there will be a higher risk of cancer growth.

Beginners to detoxification also need homeopathic treatment and inhalation of soothing flower essences so that emotional stress will be eased out of the body.

For the advanced detoxification diet users, the program begins with a colon cleanse and followed by a liver detox plan. The charged toxins shall be drawn out from the layers of fats and rinsed out of the blood. Charged toxins are generally made of metals. Sauna detox is one of the most effective method of cleansing for heavy metals.

The most important ingredient of a detox plan is water. That’s why the body is given large amount of fluid during cleansing process. To completely wash out all kinds of waste material content inside the body, a sauna or steam bath will stimulate the skin to perspire heavily. The sweat that oozes out of your skin pores is laden with excess acid and alkaline.

To achieve a perfect balance between acid and alkaline, you must consume up to 75 percent of alkaline-forming foods (green salads, herbal teas, and fresh fruits) and 25 percent of acid-forming foods (meats, breads, and dairy products).

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