The Reebok 5.1e Exercise Bike is a member of the newly released Performance Series. So what all does this bike offer to those in the UK who want to lose calories and gain muscle? Let’s look at some frequently asked questions:

Q: What level of fitness is this bike designed for?

A: The Reebok 5.13 Exercise Bike is target for beginners as well as seasoned athletes. It comes with a M-Force Drive Electronic Adjustment that allows you to set 9 separate training programs of resistance ranging from 25 watts to 400 watts (in increments of 5 watts). The maximum supported weight is 150 kg (23.6 stone; 330 lbs).

Q: Does it come with any “creature comforts”?

A: Yes. First, there’s its ergonomic design. (For those not familiar with ergonomics, it simply means the machine is built to conform to a person’s natural motion to increase productivity and minimise the risk of strain.) It also sports an adjustable comfort seat, multi-position handle bars, a floor level adjustment, and wheels so the machine can be moved around with little hassle. The computer display is easy to read and arranged so it’s easy to tell how long you’ve exercised, the distance you’ve ran, how much resistance is in place, and an estimate of the calories you’ve burned.
Finally, there’s a handy water bottle holder mounted in the front so you don’t have to run into the kitchen for a glass of water or set the machine near a table.

Q: What is the main health benefit of an exercise bike?

A; Upright exercise bikes such as the Reebok 5.1e offer users the ability to burn fat and strengthen leg muscles with a minimal risk of injury to their ankles or knees.

Q: Is there anything that makes this equipment stand out from the competition?

A: Other than the fact that it’s a really nice looking machine (black and steel), there are several things that help it stand out from the crowd. The Poly-V belt transmission helps keep the machine nice and quiet while still giving you a good workout. It also boasts the ability to hook it up to a chest transmitter so you can get ECG precise heart rate data right on the screen. And of course, Reebok is a highly respected name in the fitness industry throughout the UK, and they stand behind their gym equipment with a 2-year warranty for labour and parts.

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