When I began on the internet, my eBook about the scientific method of dream interpretation and craziness prevention was not ready yet, so my articles were not so optimistic.

Today, after verifying the results of the free and guaranteed depression cure through dream interpretation in many cases also on the internet thanks to my first ebook, I can tell you that you will overcome your depression for sure in only two months thanks to the knowledge you’ll acquire translating your dreams.

I’m even preparing an ebook-bonus for you, using the dreams of many contributors on the internet, from several countries, so that you may see in practice how to translate many different dreams.

There are many types of dreams. Dreams that give you objective information about the person you love, dreams that give you objective information about dead people, dreams that explain what is happening inside you, etc.

You have to learn how to recognize them, first of all. Then you have to learn the basic steps you must follow each time you try to translate a dream.

After learning the basics, you’ll see that the translation of your dreams will be very simple, the same way that your second language is very simple, if you speak a second one. You must know a little bit of another language anyway, even if you don’t speak it perfectly, so you have an idea about how it is.

When you learn the dream language, dream translation will be your favorite hobby, because by translating your dreams you’ll have a lot of information about yourself, the person you love, your work, other people, and many things more.

The information you have in dreams is even more objective than the information you have in the newspapers everyday, and you see only the real truth in your dreams: the wise unconscious mind that produces them cures you using the truth and showing you your own absurdity, besides showing you how to correct your behavior, so that you may become balanced, calm and self-confident, eliminating completely your depression and finding happiness in life.

You can really trust the unconscious mind, while you can never completely trust a human being…

The depression treatment through dream interpretation according to the scientific method is the only one that can guarantee that you will feel better for sure and that you’ll become more intelligent writing down your dreams and translating them, besides solving all your problems.

Before writing my eBook about craziness prevention and the free and safe psychotherapy through dream interpretation provided by the unconscious mind on the internet, I cured many people from serious mental illnesses for 19 years.

Everyone feels better for sure, and everyone finds health, wisdom and happiness. There are no exceptions to this rule. Only if you don’t care for your dreams, if you won’t write them down and follow the psychotherapy of the unconscious mind, will you not see any benefits.

If you care for your dreams and take their translation seriously, you’ll be able to predict the future, change it preparing the development and the results you desire, solve the most difficult human problems, and do many other things that today seem to be completely impossible to be done.

You can become a genius, developing completely your human conscience, and attain goals you never imagined that a common person like you could ever attain in life.

Everything depends on your dedication: the more you care, more you receive.

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