Mesh office chairs are lightweight and breathable chairs that can increase convenience in the office. They are growing in popularity nowadays for not only are they functional, they also make affordable and practical choices. There are so many sellers and manufacturers of mesh chairs today that a buyer needs to be informed of his choices and fully aware of his needs. When looking at mesh chairs, some of the things you need to look at are the adjustment capabilities, proportions, and ergonomics.

Mesh office chairs may be equipped with all the features found in your basic task chair, including casters, swivels, tilts, and so on. Not all available features may suit every user so the buyer must take careful consideration in browsing through options in the market.

Be warned however, that low-priced mesh chairs are not designed for long hours of use. They serve you well if you are looking for task chairs that you will use for only about three hours a day. But if you intend to use the chair for longer than that, there are sturdier mesh chairs available as well.

Buying Tips

Shopping for a mesh office chair in furniture stores in your area has its advantages. You can try sitting on the chair and determine instantly on how good it fits your build. Your entire back should be covered by the back rest and the seat should extend far enough for you to sit comfortably, without feeling any discomfort in the back of your knees and the legs.

If the mesh office chair has armrests, it should be of the proper height and distance from each other. It should be high enough for both your arms to rest on comfortably. Armrests can be adjustable as well as other parts of the mesh chair including the back, the lumbar support area, and the seat. Check if the tension and recline of the chair back can be adjusted.

Ergonomics has become a major concern for chair shoppers today. As most people spend long hours at work in their desks or in the office, it has become of vital importance that office chairs be ergonomic, meaning, good for the back and the posture. A mesh chair with ergonomic qualities follows your body’s natural contours as you sit down. Weight and pressure are distributed evenly, ensuring total comfort.

It would be a plus if you find a mesh office chair with high quality swivel and casters. If your office has a concrete or hard surface, rubber caster wheels would be the best choice. Hard caster wheels promote better mobility on carpeted and soft surfaces.

Aside from functionality, the overall style and appearance of the mesh office chair should complement your existing office decor. Especially if you are buying more than one chair, make sure the chair will not look out of place in the room where you intend to place it.

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