Well today, I opened the box for my new office chair. Having worked in the office industry for a number of years and knowing how much affect your office chair can have on your back, I should have opened it last week when it arrived. But, work as always keeps me busy with little time left over for ergonomics, office chairs, leather, headrests, mechanisms and the like.

I order a new chair roughly every two years. Even with my knowledge of ergonomics and of course my “hook up” in the office industry since I sell office chairs and tend to give myself a pretty reasonable price point, it was still hard to choose which model I was going to sit in for the next couple of years. That is a lot of hours in front of my computer in my office chair.

Anyways, this time I decided on a mesh chair. I sit in my office chair in front of this darn computer for hours and hours and whenever I order, I need to make sure that my ergonomic chair is going to fit my needs and be durable for the long sitting periods.

The mesh chair I ordered this time is part of the Matrex Ergonomic line. Featuring more than 5 different styles…for example..with headrest or without or in black or metallic color….these chairs offer a fabulous design, similar to the Herman Miller Aeron Chair that is so popular, but at an amazing price.

This chair has all of the ergonomic features and adjustment levers as the Herman Miller Aeron Mesh Chair….but at a price tag that is about half of the Aeron.

Like in the clothing industry, sometimes you are simply paying for the name and not anything different about the actual task chair. The Matrex Line of Mesh Office Chairs has 2-1 synchro tilt to keep your feet flat on the floor, even when reclining and it keeps your eyes at the same eye level, even when in the reclining position. They also feature an amazingly modern design and all of the perks of temperature regulation through the mesh seat design and air grid style of upholstery.

Even though I have sat in many different office chairs, I must say that so far, in only one day, I may rate this new chair as my absolute favorite. I have never responded so quickly and my back has never been so relaxed so quickly after just starting to use the chair.

I love all of the adjusmtent features and can not believe how much my lower back is thanking me…and let me also say that I am writing this at 10:00 at night and have probably been sitting in this chair for the good part of the day and am STILL COMFORTABLE. So comfortable in fact, that I am still sitting up and couldn’t help but to tell someone about it before I clocked out and went to sleep. Check out the Matrex Mesh Office Chairs……but only if you desire comfort and design at the highest of quality.

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