“Lung liver cleanse” means removing the toxic residues from two vital organs in our body – lung and liver. This process is known as detoxification also. Several medicines including chemically synthesized medicines and herbal medicines can be used to carry out the cleansing process. Periodically undergoing this process is a good way to remain healthy and keep the diseases away.

Toxic substances enter our body through several ways. They can enter the body through the food and drinks. They also enter our body through the air we breathe. Occasionally toxic substances find entry into our body through our skin also. The body has a mechanism to process the toxic substances and expel harmful substances from our body through excretion. The organs that are mainly responsible for this process are liver, lung, and kidney. But when the intake of toxic materials become too high, these organs cannot process all the toxic substances and these materials stay inside our body. These can cause several harmful reactions in the body, which may result in diseases. The lung liver cleanse process is carried out for eliminating the toxic content from our body. Because of their active involvement with toxic substances, liver, lung, and kidney are more likely to be places of toxic residue. That is the reason why the detoxification process focuses on lung, liver, and kidney. The lung liver cleansing process has two functions. The first is to remove harmful residues from these organs. The second is to increase the processing capability of the organs to expel the harmful materials.

Liver is the organ in the body that is responsible for detoxification. It also has the function of synthesizing proteins. But we are living in an age where environmental pollution is at its highest in history. It is likely to go on increasing in future too. So, the liver gets more toxic substances than it can manage to process. As a result, these toxic substances are stored in cells. These can further damage the function of the liver, thereby creating further toxic residues. If this cyclic process is allowed to continue, the functions of the liver will be interrupted, creating serious damage to the functioning of the body. To prevent this process from developing into a serious disaster, periodic lung liver cleanse is necessary.

Lungs have almost direct contact with the toxic substances in the environment. So, it is a prime candidate for gathering an overload of toxic materials. If these substances are solid particles, these can be stuck in the lung tissue. If chemically active toxic substances are present in the lungs, lung tissues can get damaged. In both cases, the functioning of the lung will be affected. Here also periodic lung liver cleansing process helps a person to keep the toxic substances away.

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