Power rider exercise is performed by making use of a power exercise machine and is the type of exercise which improves the overall fitness levels of an individual involving any lifting of weights or other related equipment. There are different levels of power rider exercises and while the basic exercises are meant for getting people back in shape, the higher levels are meant as a physical challenge for individuals who are interested in more strenuous work-outs.

Having brought home a power exercise machine, the most recommended way to commence one’s work out is to embark on a schedule of elementary exercises which should last for about 10 minutes during the first few days and then gradually increase and last for about 20 to 30 minutes once the body gets accustomed to it. Towards the end of the basic level, one should be able to perform at least 3-4 work outs with each lasting for about half an hour before graduating to the next level.

While utilizing the power exercise machine it is essential to remember that consistency is a very important factor as regards fitness training and hence it is important to establish a definite schedule in which one is required to work out at the same time every day. The usage of the power rider exercise machine is recommended for alternate days as it is equally important to provide the body with adequate rest so that it is prepared for workout on the next day.

The advanced work-out which is performed on the power rider exercise machine involves the use of alternate circuit training which features many short stints of high intensity sprinting in between regular intervals. An individual indulging in this work out should be able to perform 10 to 20 sets of sprints and gradually decrease the duration of the interval which is spent at a slower pace.

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