Sometimes Hair Follicles matter and no one wants to deal with the dreaded comb-over. Nevertheless, according to the American Hair Loss Association and American Academy of Dermatology , most men and some women experience  male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss at some point in their life. Your genetics influence how much hair you lose and when the baldness starts around the crown of your head, without a little help new hair regrowth is unlikely.

Not addressing the hair loss problem early, you risk your hair follicles dying completely. At this stage, it becomes hard to find a cost-effective hair loss treatment

So, what time do you take action?  Proactively unless you happen to be a doppelganger for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

5 Early Signs of Balding

1. Shedding of Hair

when you are in the shower shampooing that gorgeous head of hair, If you notice more than a few hairs falling out , it might be a tell sign you are going bald. Do not be worried yet since two-thirds of the people lose about 50 to 100 hair each day. However, if your family has a history of baldness, Propecia or Rogaine may be in your near future.

2. Noticeable Scalp

Male pattern baldness or Alopecia has quite a fee tell tale signs. Continuous hair loss or poor hair growth can leave you reaching for a hat in no time. Ironically, male bald men are often losing their hair because of extra testosterone 

Another way to tell whether you are balding is when you start getting sunburned on the scalp.

3. Changes in the Hairline

Are you having an M-shaped hairline? Receding hairline is the most common sign of

Androgenic Alopecia which can even occur in your early twenties. Evaluate the status of hair around your crown and temples. If the hair around these areas is thinning, it is an indication that you need help.

4. Bald Spots

Baldness isn’t about one thing only – complete pattern hair loss. You can have different types of baldness such as female or male pattern baldness and telogen effluvium. This refers to the type of hair loss on top of the head, and it often affects different parts of the head.

Psychological, physical, and emotional stress can cause hair loss on various parts of your head. If you notice your hair thinning out in patches, you might be going bald.

5. Different Partings

If your partings are getting wider almost each day, it could be you are becoming bald. Additionally, any changes in the need for your hair styling because of lost hair could be an indication of early balding. Usually, this is indicated by the thinning of your hair.

Address Your Hair Growth and Baldness Effectively

As you grow old, you may experience bald spots, thinning hair, or complete hair loss due to genetics or other health conditions such as Alopecia areata. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for baldness, there are numerous treatment options you can adopt to keep your hair intact. 

However if any of this sounds familiar, you should engage a reliable dermatologist to recommend the best hair loss treatment. Get in touch with the baldness experts for a private solution you can count on.