Did you know that you can cure depression naturally by making sea salt a part of your daily diet. Studies have shown that sea salt can help to relieve the symptoms of depression naturally by adding salt to your drinking water. For every quart of water, add about 1/4 tsp. of unrefined sea salt to reduce your symptoms.

Depression can be the result of various different factors such as the loss of a loved one, physical pain, prolonged stress or a poor diet. Depression may be temporary, but for some it is ongoing, and therefore the patients often resort to medical help.

Patients are often prescribed lithium to help alleviate the depressed mind. However, lithium has many side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness, unable to coordinate, eye pain, blurred vision, weight gain and weakness.

How Does Sea Salt Help

Sea salt has been shown to be an effective substitute for lithium, as it is able to relieve the symptoms of depression, but without any side effects.

It naturally helps to maintain the levels of serotonin and melatonin levels in the body. Serotonin essentially helps you to remain calm, thus it is effective in reducing stress, anxiety and depression. Melatonin is essential in helping you to fall into a deep sleep at night, which is also essential in helping your emotions to remain strong.

What is Sea Salt

Sea salt is obtained naturally by evaporating sea water. The water evaporates and the salt and all the minerals remain behind and are raked into layers. The more minerals that are contained in the salt, the more color the salt will have. The colors can range from pink, gray and a sandy color, depending on where it was harvested.

The natural salt does not contain any additional or artificial ingredients. It usually is not free running, and in some cases it may even be moist.

Depending on the brand of salt, it can contain all the essential trace minerals which your body needs for optimum health. The salt will not raise your blood pressure, but rather it can help to stabilize it. There are also many other health benefits of natural salt; it is good for the heart, the muscles, kidneys, and can help to protect you against cancer and diabetes.

Why Sea Salt?

You could use regular table salt, but then you will need to balance that with magnesium and potassium, as all the minerals have been stripped out of regular table salt. But natural sea salt contains both of these minerals which helps to bring it into balance.

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