There are many chronic diseases around which are considered to be incurable for ages. One of such diseases is known as Parkinson’s. But now in today’s world of medical advancements such diseases have also become treatable in an easy way. Parkinson’s is a well known disease which is a chronic neurological disorder. It produces symptoms such as decreased dexterity, lack of motor coordination, Shaking stiff muscles, confusion, insomnia, memory loss and tremors etc. This disease has been considered incurable until now. With the introduction of the placenta stem cell technique this disease has become curable. Stem cells are those immature cells that have the tendency to develop in to other different types of cells that make up the human body. These cells may be kidney cells, liver cells or other 260 types of cells. These cells, by developing into other types of cells, replace the damaged or ill cells in those areas by the millions.

If we see a section of the human brain of a person suffering from this disease then we will find that certain lines are not present in it. Hence scientists believe that by injecting placenta stem cells in those areas where lines are missing, regeneration of the damaged cells will take place. As defined earlier, stem cells have the ability to adapt and develop into other forms of cells surrounding the area and hence can heal the damaged or injured area of that particular area in the body. After getting treatment, the patient finds his body relaxed, tremors go away and the patient walks with ease and comfort plus all the other symptoms of the disease are also reduced.

After the implementation of the placental stem cell these cells are dispersed onto adjacent tissues and become smooth. Then these cells differentiate into component cell types, which integrate with the targeted tissues or the organ. Placenta stem cells help in tissue formation. In this way new cells are formed in order to replace the damaged or ill cells and healing or curing of the organ takes place. In this way, the person suffering from chronic neurological disorder gets treated without any surgery or an operation. There are no risks or side effects.

Although it is a very safe and successful way of treating chronic diseases, its use is controversial. Some people think that it is not ethical and but they do not realize the baby has already been delivered safely. The controversy is based on ignorance and lack of education about how the cells are taken from the placenta of the mother after the baby has been delivered. But advocates of this treatment notify all the ways which tell that this treatment is ethical and completely safe in all ways and means. Apart from all these controversies, this technique is in use of treating various diseases and people are getting maximum benefits out of this medical technique.

Other diseases which can be cured with the help of this placenta stem cell technique are cerebral palsy, permanent cure for diabetes, HIV, kidney disorders, anti aging, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, retinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, cancer, dermatomyositis, hepatitis C, immune deficiency, migraines, spinal cord injuries, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, nephrology treatments, cochlear implants, depression, organ repair like liver and renal etc.

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