Getting to the core issue is where the gold is when you’re trying to clear an issue with Emotional freedom Techniques (EFT). Although you can get amazing results with tapping on your issues using the basic formula, if you’re not reaching the core issue under your symptoms you may not get very far. And since we are sitting in our own “blind spots” so to speak, it can really be hard to do that. That’s one reason among others to work on your issues with an EFT practitioner.

I’ve been treating clients with EFT as well as other energetic modalities for many years. By now my work is guided by intuition, A lot of times we’re able to clear issues they have by just tapping on points that I’m intuitively lead to have them tap on. And more often then not, I get quick impressions about what their core issue is, then ask them if they’re willing to tap on it and see what happens.

I put it that way for a few reasons. First of all, no one knows you better then you do and I think it’s arrogant if someone tells you they know just what your issue is. Another, is that I could be wrong. But most importantly for anyone who values their intuition, it’s important to get your “attachment to being right” out of the way. The need to be right is a function of our ego which seeks to control things. That’s not bad. We want a healthy ego when and where we want it but, there’s no place for our ego and intuition in one intention. Intuition goes beyond intellect and education. It’s, my intuition that allows me to do my best work with my clients and get them where they want to go the fastest.

Because I’m in a field that fosters intuitive skills, my intuition is highly developed. But like anyone who wants to paint, you won’t be a skilled artist if you don’t use your skill.

We all have the quality of intuition in us but there are things that discourage our cultivating it. One is society. If you were brought up in an essentially western society, then your society prides itself on the use of intellect and only believes its five senses. Another thing that hinders us is our school system and our parents who typically, discouraged us from daydreaming, Daydreaming is a prime way to get to know our inner world as well as having other important functions. As if that weren’t enough, if you’re a man you have another thing going against you. Men are taught to be outer directed and suppress and devalue their feelings. There’s a poster that was outside the Lincoln tunnel in New York right after the event of September 11th, that expressed it perfectly. It showed a marine sweating and straining with a very pained expression on his face gripping an exercise bar and the headline said “Pain is weakness leaving the body.” Now if that doesn’t teach men to not feel their emotions and disregard their body’s signals I don’t know what does! In addition there are even spiritual paths that discourage through fear. I found one online that warns that all forms of imagery is satanic. That certainly can put a damper on you from getting to know your inner powers!

Developing your intuition is important for your health, wealth and well-being on the most primal levels. Your intuition is often what warns you not to go down a certain street. But our intuition is not only supposed to warn us about danger, it’s a tool we’ve been born with to access our deeper wisdom and offers us knowledge about what is true for us. It’s a gateway to our creativity and to our source.

One way to access your intuition when you want to get greater clarity on an issue you might be tapping on is to tune into your body. Your body creates symptoms that are constantly reflections of your state. Think about a fear you have and you’ll more than likely get a feeling in your body about it. OK, so lets flip it now. Focus on a body sensation or a symptom that you don’t understand. By closing your eyes you can go deeper into it. You can ask it for a communication of what it’s about. I say that because our inner being talks to us in other ways besides words. Or just allow yourself to be with the feeling and then allow images to come to you. Don’t force them or judge them. That’ll get in your way.

A lot of times I’ll say to my clients as I bring up an impression of their issue. “Let’s play with it and see what happens” So, let yourself be with your exploration in a spirit of play. Remember what it felt like to be curious. Like when you played with a bubble blower and just watched quietly rapt as the bubble went through the process of popping. Allow yourself to take any impression that comes up and notice it and follow where it leads you. It can be a single word.

I remember focusing on my tingling feet a few month’s ago when I was waking one morning and I got a distinct word “stagnation” I realized my body was telling me that I had been so involved with a book that’s I’m writing that I hadn’t been exercising my body enough. Just that one word set me into a direction of realization and taking action. I could have gotten other reasons from a physician but my body held the knowing. I had ot just pay attention to it.

You may get a memory or a symbol or just a knowing or impression inside you. Try it out on a symptom or a reaction that you don’t understand and see what happens. Don’t expect it to happen immediately. Any skill gets better with patience and practice. If you’re like that man in the poster give yourself permission to just sit and feel clueless for a while. This process takes time but it’s the most important thing you can do for yourself so that you can get the inner prompting of your being before you’re body has to create symptoms to get your attention.

So, go ahead and do it. I’d love to know what happens for you.

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