EFT is very good for releasing the emotional element of any disease and restoring your body to a state of health that is optimal to you. This is the same with diverticular disease too. And of course, diverticular disease requires the appropriate medical care as well as tapping. If you are experiencing an episode of diverticulitis, it is essential that you tell your physician and be under medical care for it. In other words, this article is not about using EFT as an alternative to seeking medical care, but about using both EFT and medical care in a complementary way. The two go very well together! With this proviso in mind, here are some tapping suggestions.

First of all, if you are experiencing pain right now, you can simply tap about the pain. And be very specific where it is. For example:


“Even though I have this pain in my gut just there on the left, I deeply love and accept myself”


“This pain in my gut just there on the left”

This may change to a pain in the middle, for example. Just change your statements as you follow the pain around your gut, such as: “Even though I have this pain in my gut just there in the middle…” etc

For the condition as a whole, ask yourself: “If there is one event or incident stuck in my gut right now, what would it be?”

Whatever incident comes up, tap for it. Do not spend time finding out all the emotions stuck in that event. Just ask yourself on a scale of 10-0, how much negative emotion there is about this event. Then tap till zero. The words to use are very simple. First call this event something. If you cannot think of a title for this event, then simply call it “X”, and tell yourself that whenever you say “X”, you will be referring to this event. So, we tap as follows, using “X” or your chosen title.


“Even though I have this feeling about X, I deeply love and accept myself”


“This feeling about X”

Keep tapping till zero. Have a rest, then start another tapping session, asking for another event. Keep going till the events are done. This may take one hour, one week, one month, or it could take longer. You are not in a race, just relax and allow the healing to happen. You will feel much better for it.

I hope this helps you on your healing journey.

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