5 to 20 percent of adults react to stress at night by clenching their jaws and grinding their teeth (Bruxism), are you one of them? Luckily for me, I only suffer from teeth or jaw grinding infrequently. Yet, my brother – when he is asleep, his mouth sounds like a drill bit going off. He’s had guards, seen the dentist. Yet, he still grinds his teeth at night.

Many of the causes of bruxism are your own repressed emotions. But, there is a secret technique…But, what is this stop teeth grinding power technique? The technique is called EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques. Which emotions can it help you release? EFT works on all negative emotions. Here are some of the key ones, which appear to cause bruxism.


Yes, this is not one emotion, but many. By using EFT on your causes of stress you can release those things, people and places that are causing you to feel stressed.


70% of all bruxism is caused by anxiety. Do you have a test coming up? Whatever the cause of you anxiety, you can EFT it away.


Do you resent something or resent someone? By using EFT on your resentment issues. You will release a lot of pent up anger and frustration.


Frustration itself can take many forms. Lack of action, lack of success, constant failure. With EFT you can work on everything you are frustrated about.


Anger takes on so many forms. Physical, mental, verbal and emotional. EFT can and does treat all of these at any level you want.


This emotion is often deeply hidden. How many times have you heard? Big boys don’t cry. Rubbish. You’re just not allowed to cry in public. EFT you can do in private and by yourself too.


You feel afraid when you think something bad is going to happen. It very rarely does, but you scare yourself half to death thinking it might. With EFT you can dissolve all of your underlying fears and get back on track quickly and easily.

Isn’t it about time you stopped grinding your teeth?

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