Three wheel scooters have become one of the best innovations for people with mobility problems.

These convenient machines have found their place either as medically necessary tools for those who are fully dependent, as well as luxury tools for many who are able to get around on their feet but with variable degrees of difficulties ranging from heart, lung, arthritic, muscular and weight related conditions.

These disability scooters have proved to be convenient with many advantages which include:

· Making the shopping experience easy and pleasurable because of their good maneuverability. Thanks to the articulate wheel in front this allows for a tight turning radius in turn allowing you to navigate easily in shopping malls, packed retail stores past narrow doors. It`s also easy to carry things using the detachable shopping basket.

· Getting around without pain or stress indoors and on paved outdoors.

· Easy to dismantle into lightweight parts which can be transported in trunks of most vehicles ie, sedans, vans, or SUVs.

· Comfortable seats some with armrests.

· Plenty of leg room.

· Gives your freedom and independence back, no more feeling stuck or getting left behind, visit those holiday sites, walk your dog.

· Cheap to run and easy to maintain.

3 wheel scooters have become a popular choice and are available in a wide range of designs, sizes, colors and styles from different manufacturers.

If outdoor use or stability is the main issues then, the lightweight design is not the best choice because it is less stable on a rough terrain.

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