“I completely love, accept and forgive myself.” This is the line I keeps repeating in my head as I just learned this powerful tapping technique called EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s a program endorsed by Joe Vitale of The Secret.

The idea is you tap your fingers against different energy points on your body as you release your negative issues about money, relationships, your body or whatever. Then you forgive yourself and move on.

We don’t realize what negative issues we have embedded deep within our subconscious. These issues effect us in ways we don’t even realize. EFT helps us to bring these issues to the surface and release them. It’s very freeing and thoroughly uplifting. After a tapping session I am so completely invigorated, it is a truly fantastic feeling.

And so here I am at the same time learning about the Law of Forgiveness through Bob Proctor’s home study course, The 11 Forgotten Laws. Coincidence? I think not. Brad Yates, EFT practitioner, would call it “divine synchronicity.”

Mr. Proctor’s course is based on Raymond Holliwell’s book Working With The Law. Holliwell says this about the Law of Forgiveness, “When he wishes to overcome a sinful condition he does not waste time wrestling with the fact, but corrects, forsakes, forgets, forgives the idea that started it.” (By sin he means error.) This is the very thing that EFT accomplishes. It let’s us let go of our negative feelings and directs us to move toward more uplifting, strengthening, thought patterns. Holliwell goes on to say, “The Law reads that certain ideas must be dissolved and cleared from the mind in order that other ideas or new ideas of a different character may replace them.”

It’s all about letting go of the negative events and thoughts that drag us down.

So not only must we learn to forgive others to feel better, but we must also learn to forgive ourselves. So often we waste so much of our time feeling guilty about things we’ve done or said in the past. It can be exhausting. We can use our energy in much better ways. We can’t change the past, but we can make adjustments for our future. We can learn from the experience, appreciate the opportunity for understanding and growth and move on to a better feeling place. The important thing is to feel better. The more we learn the more we grow. “I completely love, accept and forgive myself.” Say it over and over until you truly believe it.

“To forgive in this moment has evolutionary potency for our soul.” – Gene Houston

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